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There are several methods to assess the efficiency of a street lamp. Probably the most evidence give two of them:

  • Comparative power in kW per 1 km street, assessed by fulfillment of pre-defined standard requirements (preferably EN Standards). This parameter gives evidence about operating cost of a lighting system
  • Number of poles per 1 km street, assessed as above. This parameter gives evidence about capital cost of a system

There are two Benchmarking Tables following, referring to both assessment methods described above. Several optics from our portfolio is compared to products of anonymized renowned competitors for 2 Lighting Classes according EN 13201 Standard – CE4 and ME4b.


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Statements to Terris design, resulting from Benchmarking Tables above:
  • Terris DA Series HE Lamps have unique lamp efficacy, among the best lamps available on the market
  • Terris DA Series HE Lamps match competitor´s products also in parameter of maximum pole distance. Only “old-fashioned” HPS (High Pressure Sodium) products could reach bigger pole distance, but at substantially lower efficacy – the Comparative Power is almost twice the Terris DA Series figures

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